Dispute Resolution (‘DR’) affords parties the opportunity to retain control of the process of their family law dispute and arrive at an outcome which is acceptable to them both, limiting both costs and delays. DR can be supplementary to court proceedings or, in many cases, a complete alternative. It is often far more cost effective than continuing to a final hearing at Court and can provide a very early resolution, even before proceedings have begun.

One major difficulty for parties seeking a resolution often lies in knowing what is “fair”. Acting as an independent expert, listening carefully to each side, one of our experienced practitioners can guide them through the process and either advise as to what is fair and suggest creative, practical solutions to hitherto intractable problems, or, in the case of an arbitration, determine the matters in issue.

St Ives Chambers is at the forefront of Dispute Resolution in the Midlands and is able to offer a diverse roster of practitioners. All have many years’ experience of advising and representing parties in family matters, whether Financial Remedies and/or Children Act cases. We are also able to offer both leading and junior counsel who are fully trained Arbitrators. We believe we offer one of the largest and most experienced Dispute Resolution teams in the country.

At St Ives we are able to host all parties in our Arbitration / Dispute Resolution Suite consisting of a large ‘hearing’ room, three private conference rooms and a break out area.  Our barristers are also willing to travel to another suitable venue of the parties’ choosing. We are able to conduct hearings remotely, by telephone or video-link, if that is required, which is likely to be of particular assistance while the special public health measures invoked as a result of COVID-19 remain in force.

In light of the additional difficulties that COVID-19 is creating within the court system, the ability to deal with cases remotely and quickly, on a date agreed between the parties and before a tribunal chosen by them, is more valuable than ever.

We offer the following services: