“A mini-pupillage is the perfect opportunity for you to see what it is like to be a barrister and to see if it is a career for you. Be smart about where you do your mini-pupillages and look at the sort of work that a set does.”

“When I was applying for mini’s I would look for a number of features about a set. Firstly, where are they based? If you’ve got no intention of living and working in that area, don’t bother applying. Next look at the type of work chambers undertakes, St Ives is a mixed common law set and will do a variety of work, if you go for a crime only set, that is all you will do. Finally, look at the current members of chambers, do you recognise anyone? Do you recognise any of their cases? Is the work they do interesting to you?”

“There is no ideal number of mini-pupillages, you could do ten and get nothing from them or you could do two and learn a vast amount. Use a mini-pupillage as an opportunity to meet as many members of chambers as possible and start making contacts. The more you know about a set and its members, the more personal you can make your application. If you can stand out on a mini-pupillage you might just be able to stand out in interview. Most importantly, keep in contact with a set, who knows what opportunities may arise.” George Smith, Pupil Barrister 2018/2019

Mini-pupillages are available all year round and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Click here to view the Mini-pupillage procedure and selection criteria.

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