In line with our policy of gradual expansion we aim to take up to three 12 month pupils in October 2017. All pupillages are funded: £10,000 award in the first 6 months; plus £15,000 guaranteed earnings in the second 6 months. Recent tenants have earned £60,000 – £75,000 in their first year of tenancy.

Structure of Pupillage:

Pupils will spend most of the first 6 months with their pupil supervisor, generally in one of the main practice areas of crime, family or civil. This will entail frequent visits to court, sitting in on conferences, legal research and paperwork. Pupils will also assist with preparing seminars.

During the first 6 months pupils will also spend time with other members of chambers to ensure that they gain an insight into all areas of work. In particular, pupils spend the last few weeks with junior tenants to see the type of work they will soon be undertaking themselves.

The second 6 months will be under a different Pupil Supervisor, typically specialising in an area of work different to that of the first Supervisor. This ensures that pupils are St Ives experience as wide a range of work as possible so that when they later choose to specialise they do so from a position of knowledge and experience. In the second 6, pupils can expect to appear in court most days.

Please note that applications for Pupillage for 2017 are now closed.