St Ives CPG supports the CBA’s proposed action.

The St Ives CPG welcomes the CBA’s proposed action due to the Government’s wholly inadequate response to the Criminal Legal Aid Review.

Upon reflection it is clear that the funds proposed by CLAR, recommended as an immediate measure and as a bare minimum, shall not be injected into the Criminal Justice System.

As such, CPG members shall not accept returns from 11th April 2022, in support of all those being let down by the chronic underfunding of the Criminal Justice System.

We regret the impact this shall have, but we feel that the very future of justice is at stake. Action is required, and has been forced upon us.

We shall of course do our very best to work together to minimise the impact upon our clients. Should any of our instructing Solicitors wish to discuss matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.