St Ives Chambers Criminal Practice Group accepts the result of the CBA ballot

The St Ives Chambers Criminal Practice Group has noted the results of the poll conducted by the Criminal Bar Association. Our members accept the result of the poll, and the recommendation of the Criminal Bar Association to accept cases funded by post 31st March 2018 Representation Orders.

Accordingly, our members are now available to undertake work funded under the new Representation Orders.

Our members practising in Crime stood firm in refusing to undertake new cases, alongside the overwhelming majority of sets on the Midlands Circuit. This unity displays what can be achieved if we stand together. It can only be hoped that those that did not support us now see their folly.

The Criminal Justice System continues to collapse, due to relentless cuts and political indifference. Recent events should be the catalyst for this malaise to be reversed.

Our members are of the view that the need for an increase of funding into the AGFS and, equally as importantly, the LGFS persists. Further, greater funding is needed for the Court Estate, the Crown Prosecution Service and Probation.

A properly functioning Criminal Justice System is not a luxury within a free and fair society. It is a fundamental necessity. We shall not hesitate to take steps to again protect this in the future, should the Ministry of Justice renege on their promises of further sensible discussion and review.