Nicholas Starks

Call - 1989
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Family - Finance

Nicholas is a senior junior counsel of over 30 years’ experience, specialising in family financial provision principally upon:

  • Divorce

but also under:

  • ToLATA
  • Sch 1 CA 1989
  • Civil partnership proceedings

Nicholas frequently deals with high net worth claims, involving:

  • Business
  • Farming
  • Overseas assets

He was commended by the Court of Appeal for his “lucid argument” in Kaur v Matharu [2010] EWCA Civ 930 and recently appeared in the nationally publicised case of Colborne v Colborne [2014] EWCA Civ 1488. He is a keen contributor to legal publications and as a CPD speaker on circuit.

Notable cases 

Kaur v Matharu [2010] EWCA Civ 930

Colborne v Colborne [2014] EWCA Civ 1488


LLB (Hons)


Family Law Bar Association


Chambers and Partners 2023: “Nicholas is an excellent technical barrister with an eye for detail.” “He is my preferred barrister for complex international financial disputes. Nicholas is very quick to respond, is a brilliant advocate and extremely meticulous.” “Nicholas is a top-rated family barrister able to deal with the most complex cases. Also, he is able to explain complex issues clearly and simply in a client-focused and friendly manner, creating reassurance and clarity for clients.”

Legal 500 2023: “Nicholas is a superb barrister. He has a keen eye for detail, and encyclopedic knowledge of his papers. He instantly puts clients at ease and gives them confidence in their case, whilst giving honest advice as to what is realistic and achievable. He is formidable in cross-examination and extremely skilled in drawing the court’s attention to the best parts of his case.”

Chambers & Partners 2022: “His attention to detail and knowledge are second to none.” “He is able to distil complex matters and present them in a straightforward way for the benefit of the court and client.” “He’s very personable, sharp, forensic, quick and really reassuring before, during and after court.”

Legal 500 2022: “Extremely knowledgeable, able to assimilate complex facts, with a very down to earth manner which clients find reassuring. Nick is able to explain complex legal arguments clearly and simply without talking down to clients.”

Chambers and Partners 2021: “He handles difficult cases with enthusiasm and determination. He takes a well-informed and balanced approach to negotiations.” “He is an excellent advocate and negotiator. Nicholas has razor-sharp attention to detail.”

Legal 500 2021: “Thoroughly prepared, robust in pursuit of a client’s interests, and collaborates well with solicitors.”

Voted Worcestershire Law Society “Barrister of the Year2019.

Chambers & Partners 2020: “Nicholas Starks is a superb barrister. He has a lovely manner with clients and is always extremely well prepared. He’s also a robust advocate and skilled negotiator.” “He’s an excellent and approachable tactician with thorough preparation and grasp of his brief, and an impressive advocate who puts clients at ease and inspires confidence.”

Legal 500 2019: “Very meticulous in his preparation for and delivery of a case.”

Chambers & Partners 2019: “He is able to absorb a huge amount of detail but also give clear, understandable advice. He is extremely good with clients and puts them at ease.” “He has a very good eye for detail and is exceptionally thorough.”

Legal 500 2018: “He has exceptional knowledge of matrimonial finance matters.”

Chambers & Partners 2018: “He knows his stuff and is so thorough and well prepared.” “Really excellent and hugely forensic. When he gets the bit between his teeth he doesn’t let go and runs with the points until he get a satisfactory conclusion.”

Legal 500 2017:  “Extremely perceptive with a flexible approach.”

Chambers & Partners 2017: “His legal knowledge is second to none on financial matters, he is very experienced in ancillary relief and achieves excellent results.” “Outstanding attention to detail and excellent case preparation. He has strong strategic skills when looking at cases and communicates well with both solicitor and lay client.”

Chambers & Partners 2016 (Band 1): “An excellent advocate who continues to impress with his detailed approach to cases and thorough preparation.  He largely focuses on multifaceted financial provision cases.  He is regularly instructed on disputes of a high-value and complex nature.”

Legal 500 2016: “He is a ferocious cross-examiner and achieves outstanding results.”

Chambers & Partners 2016: “He is absolutely first-rate in his technical knowledge, and his ability to perform in court is second to none.” “He is a top-class advocate with an incredibly good eye for detail. He is brilliant in court and the judges love him because he presents things in a user-friendly way. He is incredibly good with clients and he has a way of explaining things in a way they can understand.”

Legal 500 2015: “Very intelligent, and has great attention to detail.”

Chambers & Partners 2015: “He has been up against a few silks and has wiped the floor with them. He is absolutely superb and has a lot of gravitas.”

Legal 500 2014: “Adept at identifying strengths and weaknesses of each case.”

Chambers & Partners 2014: Wins strong praise for his expertise in family law matters, with sources noting his ability to handle complex cases with ease and to reassure lay clients. “Nick has the ability to put clients at ease, combined with a first-class attention to detail. He knows his papers inside-out and this gives clients the reassurance that their case is incredibly important to him.” “He handles difficult cases with enthusiasm and determination.”

Chambers & Partners 2013: Another of the set’s family law experts is Nicholas Starks, who “is always incredibly well prepared and knows his set of papers inside out.” He draws praise from instructing solicitors, who note that not only is “his knowledge of the law second to none,” but he is also a strong advocate who “easily stands up to difficult opponents and puts in first-rate court performances.”

Legal 500 2012: Nicholas Starks is “thorough in his preparation.”

Chambers & Partners 2012: Nicholas Starks comes highly recommended for his expertise in ancillary relief. Interviewees describe him as a “down-to-earth fighter with buckets of charm.”

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