Areas of Expertise

Elisabeth was a solicitor for 15 years before being called to the Bar in 2016 and jointing St Ives chambers.  As a former solicitor she has gained vital experience in representing clients in the Court of Protection.  Elisabeth has represented the local authority in complex Court of Protection proceedings often issued in conjunction with care proceedings relating to both welfare and financial issues.  Elisabeth has extensive experience involving cases concerning very serious physically and mentally disabled children and young adults.

Elisabeth was a solicitor for 15 years prior to her call to the Bar in 2016 when she joined St Ives Chambers.  As a solicitor, she spent 7 years working as an associate solicitor in private practice representing parents, extended family members and children of all ages in both private and public law Children Act proceedings.  Subsequently, Elisabeth was employed by Birmingham City Council as a Senior Solicitor and then in a seconded role as Child Sexual Exploitation Co-ordinator, exclusively representing the local authority in public law Children Act proceedings.  Throughout her career as a child care and family law solicitor Elisabeth has gained significant experience and respect as a family law advocate representing a diverse array of clients.

Private law proceedings

Whilst in private practice Elisabeth represented clients in complex proceedings involving allegations of serious domestic abuse and significant family breakdown.  She has represented clients with significant learning difficulties, mental health difficulties and those with alleged drug and alcohol dependencies.  Her practice included regular representation of clients seeking and defending both non-molestation orders and occupation orders. Elisabeth represents every client with empathy and determination and is passionate in ensuring that each and every client is afforded the most effective legal representation.  She has extensive experience in representing parents, extended family members and children in intractable disputes.

Public law proceedings

Within private practice Elisabeth has represented the child, parents, grandparents and other extended family members in complex care proceedings involving allegations of significant neglect, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse and non-accidental injuries. She has regularly represented clients with significant learning difficulties, mental ill-health and drug and alcohol dependencies.

Elisabeth has extensive experience in representing the local authority in complex care proceedings, including advocating in finding of fact hearings and final hearings before the High Court.  Her practice includes significant expertise in areas such as forced marriage and the validity of marriage, removal from the jurisdiction including cases with an international element, child sexual exploitation, significant non-accidental injuries, sexual abuse, adoption and placement proceedings and protracted parental neglect.

Elisabeth represents her clients with a passion and determination ensuring each and every client receives the best legal service and advice possible.

As a former solicitor Elisabeth has significant experience as a family law practitioner in the areas of divorce, nullity and ancillary relief.  Elisabeth has represented clients at all stages of proceedings from First Directions Appointments and Financial Dispute Resolution Hearings to final contested hearings.  She has the attention to detail that is required for this specialist work and an ability to empathise with clients ensuring the delivery of an exemplary legal service whilst managing the expectations of all.


LLB Law – University of De Montfort

Admitted as a Solicitor 2001


Family Law Bar Association

Inner Temple

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