Pupillage interview advice

“Interviewers aren’t just interested in what you say, but also how you say it. Chambers are not looking to trip you up, however they will be looking to see how you react under pressure and on your feet. The best preparation for a pupillage interview is other pupillage interviews! Ask your BPTC provider, your family or your friends to interview you. The more practice you have the less daunting it will be.”

Holly Hilbourne-Gollop 


“I would advise any prospective pupillage applicant to get into the habit of reading newspapers on a daily basis in the run up to interviews. By reading from a range of sources across the political spectrum, candidates will become accustomed to looking at issues from a variety of perspectives. Current affairs also frequently feature during the interview process at numerous chambers. I found the Law Society Gazette to be a particularly useful source of legal news.”

Harry Marriott


“Be yourself. Don’t act in a way you think a barrister should act, just be yourself. You can’t keep up an act for a year so you should start as you mean to go on.”

George Smith




Best wishes to all those who have interviews over the coming weeks.