Criminal Practice Group – Policy on No Returns

St Ives Chambers fully supports the Criminal Bar Association’s position that neither the level of remuneration offered nor the government’s proposed timetable for implementation represent an adequate response to the crisis that has enveloped the criminal Bar following years of inadequate funding of the criminal justice system.

Individual criminal practitioners at St Ives Chambers have decided that as from Monday 11th April 2022 they will not accept returns in AGFS cases. They will continue to appear in the hearings in which they are instructed, but they will not accept returns from advocates, whether members of Chambers or otherwise, who are unavailable.

Chambers will seek to anticipate cases which members may have to return and will ask the court to move hearings for the convenience of the instructed barrister.

Chambers will keep solicitors and the courts fully informed of the position. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our clerking team.