Celebrating the feast day of St Ives, patron saint of lawyers

St Ives, also known as Saint Ivo of Kermartin and the ‘Advocate of the Poor’, is the patron saint of lawyers and abandoned children. In honour of the feast day of St Ives on 19th May, we held a celebratory bake sale, challenging our bakers to create St Ives themed cakes.

On the 700th anniversary of the birth of St. Ivo, Pope John Paul II said, “The values proposed by St Ivo retain an astonishing timeliness. His concern to promote impartial justice and to defend the rights of the poorest persons invites the builders of Europe today to make every effort to ensure that the rights of all, especially the weakest, are recognised and defended.”

Read more about the patron saint whom of which our chambers is named after here.

Take a look at the great cakes below, with all proceeds from the bake sale going to our charity of the year, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.