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Nick Devine has over 25 years of experience in advocacy at the Crown Court. He defends in a full range of trials, cracked trial and guilty pleas involving offences of most types and at all levels.

He has previously accepted and conducted prosecution work and has recently re-applied and been accepted.

Before joining the Bar, Nick was a solicitor advocate. He obtained his Higher Rights of Audience (Crime) in July 1996 and utilised them from the outset.

Nick has appeared at the Court of Appeal on many occasions, been led in a number of murder trials and was one of the longest-practising Solicitor-Advocates on circuit.


Recent cases

The below list represents the most serious and / or complex cases in which Nick has appeared in since Summer 2022:

R v G – Attempted Murder (Cracked Trial. Def originally made subject to S37/41 Hospital Order but now fit)

R v P – Multi-handed high value car theft / ringing (Trial)

R v P – Attempted Murder (Trial)

R v S – Multi-handed conveying prohibited articles (drugs and phones) into prison (Trial)

R v G – Attempted Murder (Trial)

R v H – Supply Class A (Trial)

R v D – Rape and False Imprisonment (Trial)

R v L – False Imprisonment (Trial)

R v T – Multi-Handed Insurance Fraud Conspiracy (Cracked Trial)

R v G – Robbery (Cracked Trial)

R v S – Attempted Murder (Trial)

R v H – County Lines Conspiracy (Trial)

R v G – Sexual Assault and Section 20 OAPA (Trial)

R v J – Historic Intra-Family Rape and Sexual Assault (Cracked Trial)


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Employment History - Solicitor Advocate

Nick Devine was previously a solicitor advocate before coming to the bar, with over 25 years of experience:

1986-1993 – Assistant Solicitor at Blythe Liggins, Leamington Spa

1993-1999 – Partner at Blythe Liggins

1999-2000 – Associate Solicitor O’Gorman & Co, Warwick

2000-2003 – Partner O’Gorman & Co, Warwick

2003-2023 – Partner Devine O’Keeffe, Leamington Spa

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