Annual Property Conference 2020

Date: Friday 06th Nov 2020   Time: 10:00 am  Location:  Hosted By Zoom
Cost: FREE  

In response to a rise in neighbour disputes which erupted during lockdown, this year’s Property Conference will focus on boundary disputes, easements and harassment claims.

Our expert panel of speakers will provide key insights into these tricky areas of law and practical guidance to help you achieve success for your clients.

Attracting 2.5 hours CPD, the conference will feature a number of specialist property practitioners. We are delighted to announce that His Honour Judge Worster has kindly accepted our invitation as keynote speaker.

The conference will conclude with a Q&A session.  If you would like to submit any questions in advance for the panel to address, please forward them to

Participation at the Zoom webinar is free of charge however, advance registration is required. Please note that participants will receive the joining instructions by email prior to the webinar.


Topics to be covered include:

Pushing the Boundaries

Boundary disputes are a particularly painful form of litigation.  Feelings run high and disproportionate amounts of money are spent.  Claims to small and valueless pieces of land are pressed with the zeal of Fortinbras’s army.

Michelle Caney will be providing her top tips for dealing with these problematic disputes, and will highlight some of the potential traps to be avoided.  She will also flag up any important developments which practitioners should be aware of.

Rights and Wrongs of Way

David Nuttall will focus on some of the practical steps involved in easement disputes, along with a consideration of recent developments in the area.  With a good grasp of these principles, some neighbour disputes might be nipped in the bud early, before costs become the driving factor.

In particular David will be looking at:

What evidence is necessary to establish prescriptive easement claims and easements created by proprietary estoppel;
Recreational easements for leisure and country pursuits; and A caselaw update.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Anya Newman will be looking at the options available when neighbours cross the line from a straightforward land dispute into potential harassment or criminal damage. These issues, often on the periphery of boundary disputes, can have a huge impact on clients and the ability to deal with them effectively is a must for practitioners.

Anya will also take a look at recent costs decisions and consider how this might affect clients, particularly those of an entrenched nature.


Date: Friday 06th Nov 2020  
Time: 10:00 am  Location:  Hosted By Zoom
Cost: FREE