Areas of Expertise

Rebecca is an established member of the Criminal group having joined Chambers in 2012. As former Deputy Head of the group she is a proactive and dedicated member.

She is a Level 4 on the CPS Advocates Panel and also a member of their Rape Panel.

She has a very strong criminal practice with an emphasis on cases of a sexual nature both prosecuting and defending. She has secured acquittals when defending rape cases, and has an exemplary rate of conviction when prosecuting.

She is known to be hardworking and committed in any case in which she is instructed.

She has been led in a number of cases and has also acted as Leading Counsel. She is trusted to deal with cases of the utmost seriousness, and arguably has expertise beyond her level of call.

She is a committed member of the Midland Circuit having previously been granted the honour of being Junior to the Circuit.


Legal 500 2017: “Efficient, effective and likeable.”

Notable cases

R v T [2011] EWCA Crim 729

R v MR (2015)

Defence of a man accused of multiple historic rapes of his adopted daughter. Acquitted on all counts.

R v JR (2015)

Prosecution of a man accused of rape and indecent assault of his sisters. Convicted on all counts. Successfully appealed as an unduly lenient sentence.

R v NA (2013-2016)

Prosecution of a man accused of serious sexual abuse of his foster daughter. Convicted after trial. Successfully resisted an appeal against conviction based on fresh evidence, namely retraction by the complainant.

R v O’Brien and others – Operation Griffin (2015-16)

Prosecution of 14 men for conspiracy to steal rhinoceros horns and precious Chinese artefacts (worth in excess of £17 million) from museums and auction houses across the country. All defendants convicted.

R v AP (2016)

Defence of a soldier accused of having sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl after having allegedly “smuggled” her into his army barracks. Acquitted on all counts.

R v Campbell and others (2016)

Operation Absolver –  Multi-handed Prosecution case.  The seven defendants were tried at Birmingham Crown Court in a trial lasting three months in respect of a conspiracy to import and supply 44kg of heroin (worth in the region of £5millon), with six of the seven defendants being convicted.

R v SA (2016)

Defence of a 19 year old man accused of raping a friend at a house party.  Acquitted on all counts.

R v SA (2016)

Prosecution of a teacher for sexual assault of a pupil and former pupil.  Defended by a QC.

R v DC (2016)

Prosecution of a man for attempting to rape his brother’s partner whilst she was asleep. Convicted.

R v SY (2016)

Prosecution of a custodian at a stately home for historic sexual offences against a child whilst at his work premises.  Convicted.

R v DB (2017)

Prosecution of a 19 year old man for rape of a woman with significant mental health issues whilst she was asleep on New Years Eve.  Convicted.

R v Coates and others (2017) – Operation Orchard

Multi-handed Prosecution case, led by David Jackson.  A conspiracy to supply cannabis and launder the proceeds (worth in excess of £1million), with eight out of nine defendants being convicted.



LLB (Hons)

BVC – Very Competent


Midland Circuit

Criminal Bar Association

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