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Kevin Saunders prosecutes cowboy roofer

Date: Wednesday 4th June 2014 | Category: General News

A convicted cowboy builder has received an 18-month prison sentence after admitting to threatening and defrauding more customers. Read more...

Lady Justice Macur slashes sentences of the two men who plotted to kill Joss Stone

Date: Thursday 22nd May 2014 | Category: General News

Former Head of Chambers judged that the two men who plotted to rob and kill singer Joss Stone should have their sentences reduced. Read more...

Court of Appeal judgment handed down in B (A Child)

Date: Friday 9th May 2014 | Category: General News

The Court of Appeal allowed the appeal and gave guidance as to the task of a family judge at an appellate review where an error sufficient to permit the appellate court to interfere was identified, and the circumstances in which a discretion might be exercised by the appellate judge, either to re-make the decision complained of or remit the proceedings for a re-hearing. Read more...

Amy Jacobs appointed to medical complaints panel

Date: Thursday 8th May 2014 | Category: General News

The panel comprises medical and non-medical people appointed to inquire into allegations of impaired fitness to practise. Read more...

Pupillage Applications for October 2015

Date: Thursday 24th April 2014 | Category: General News

Applications for new pupils starting in 2015 are now open. Read more...

An Overview of the April Reforms

Date: Thursday 17th April 2014 | Category: General News

With April bringing about significant changes for family lawyers in the shape of the new Practice Direction Amendments, Rhiannon Davies has kindly put together a summary article detailing the proposed changes and how best to familiarise yourself with them in advance of the 22nd of this month. Read more...

Hassan Mahmood murderer sentenced to a minimum of 16 years, Peter Cooper prosecutes

Date: Thursday 3rd April 2014 | Category: General News

Hassan died after being stabbed at Oaklands Recreation Ground, Yardley. He was just 15, two years younger than his murderer. Read more...

Joseph Giret QC and Scott Coughtrie defend Coventry man who allegedly murdered his wife

Date: Friday 21st March 2014 | Category: General News

On the second day of the trial it was revealed that a married Coventry councillor had been having an affair with the Mrs Parveen before her death. Read more...

Elizabeth Isaacs QC appointed to the Restricted Patients Panel

Date: Friday 14th March 2014 | Category: General News

The Panel has to deal with some of the most challenging decisions regarding the release of patients who may have been convicted of serious crimes. Read more...

Nicholas Cole secures return of 5-year-old child to mother’s care

Date: Thursday 13th March 2014 | Category: General News

Head of St Ives successfully argued that the care plan of adoption was not proportionate to the risks and the Judge at final hearing ordered the return to mother’s care under a supervision order. Read more...

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